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Dew Drop – December 22, 2017 (#2630)

Top Links Hanselminutes – Machine Learning 101 with Paige Bailey (Scott Hanselman) My Angular 5 course is now Free — Merry Christmas (Asim Hussain) HockeyApp is now free for all developers (HockeyApp Team) Windows Template Studio 1.6 released! (Clint Rutkas) Web & Cloud Development How to add Social Media Authentication to ASPNET Core – Day 22 – […]

Dew Drop – September 29, 2017 (#2572)

Top Links Xamarin.Forms Stable Comes to .NET Standard 2.0 (David Ortinau) Tabs vs Spaces – A peaceful resolution with EditorConfig in Visual Studio. Plus .NET Extensions! (Scott Hanselman) Open files and folders, and more project model improvements in Rider (Maarten Balliauw) Join us for the Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour (Golnaz Alibeigi) Web & Cloud […]

Dew Drop – May 12, 2016 (#2250)

Top Links 10 years and over 520 episodes of podcasting – Tech is a marathon, not a sprint (Scott Hanselman) .NET Rocks! – Hacking, SQL Injection, Ransomware and More with Troy Hunt (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Macros extension: VS 2015 support and open-sourced (Justin Clareburt) Analyzing website performance with the Windows Performance Toolkit (Todd […]