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Dew Drop – May 18, 2018 (#2728)

Top Links Previewing support for same-site cookies in Microsoft Edge (Ali Alabbas, Gabriel Montenegro & Brent Mills) Build Nodejs APIs Using Serverless (Sarah Drasner) Announcing support for Pen with Windows Application Driver v1.1 – Preview available now (Hassan Uraizee) Introduction to code analysis in Rider (Maarten Balliauw) Web & Cloud Development Monitoring Document And Element […]

Dew Drop – May 10, 2018 (#2722)

Top Links I just “gave” a load of code to Microsoft and Rapid XAML Toolkit – some questions answered (Matt Lacey) Separating code and presentation of Blazor pages (Gunnar Peipman) Announcing .NET Core 2.1 RC 1 Go Live AND .NET Core 3.0 Futures (Scott Hanselman) Bringing a modern WebView to your .NET WinForms and WPF […]

Dew Drop – April 24, 2018 (#2710)

Top Links .NET Rocks! – Blazor and WebAssembly with Rocky Lhotka (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Get started with Azure for .NET developers (Scott Hanselman & Rob Caron) Adding Resilience and Transient Fault handling to your .NET Core HttpClient with Polly (Scott Hanselman) VS Code can do that?! (Burke Holland & Sarah Drasner) Web & […]