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Dew Drop – June 16, 2014 (#1798)

Top Links Windows Live Writer going Open Source? (Richard Hay) .NET Native Deep Dive: Debugging into Interop Code (Yi Zhang) Enhancing the Hanselman Xamarin App to have Podcasts (Venkata Koppaka) Learning Xamarin: Forms and XAML (Jesse Liberty)   Web Development Thinking About Strings, Quotes, Tokens, And Tildes In Less CSS (Ben Nadel) Live Kitten Juggling […]

Dew Drop – March 31, 2014 (#1754)

Top Links Session list for Build 2014 is now online (Kip Kniskern) Developing Enterprise SQL Server Features in Visual Studio database tooling (Kevin Cunnane) Rhino Mocks 4.0.0 Alpha Released (Mike Meisinger) Analysis Paralysis: Over-thinking and Knowing Too Much to Just CODE (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development Years Later, I Still Love jQuery (Ben Nadel) Loading […]

Dew Drop – December 12, 2013 (#1682)

Top Links Announcing Visual Studio 2013 Virtual Machine with Application Lifecycle Management Hands-on-Labs and Demo Scripts (Charles Sterling) Visual Studio Support for Creating Your RegEx strings (Kathleen Dollard) New Reactive Extension Support for JavaScript Developers – Compatibility Builds, a lite version, and other improvements in RxJS 2.2 (Brian Benz) Getting Started using NucliOS IGChartView with […]

Dew Drop – June 11, 2013 (#1,565)

Top Links Construction destruction (Eric Lippert) Simple Validation with MVVM for Windows Store apps (Jeremy Likness) Channel 9 Live Time-Lapse at Tech Ed North America 2013 (Larry Larsen, Golnaz & Vivala Smith) Tip: Using Notepad++ to read log files (Dror Helper)   Web Development jQuery UI Drag and Drop with FunScript (Daniel Mohl) Scaling Node.js […]