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Dew Drop – April 2, 2015 (#1986)

Top Links Born in the Cloud (Steve Guggenheimer) Binding iOS Views with MVVMCross (Jason) Cloud Enable a WPF LOB App Part 1 | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green) Microsoft Azure: Azure Notification Hubs: Best Practices for Managing Devices (Sara Silva)   Web Development Mutating Isolate Scope References In AngularJS (Ben Nadel) WebStorm 10 Compiles TypeScript […]

Dew Drop – March 23, 2015 (#1979)

Top Links Connect(“Live”); // WPF Team Live Q & A (Dmitry Lyalin) XNA is no more, as the phoenix rises from the ashes (Simon Jackson) More Wintellect.Analyzers and Some Lessons Learned Writing Roslyn Analyzers (John Robbins) Starting with Microsoft Band and Xamarin (Kevin Ford)   Web Development $location Search-Parameter Data Type Depends On Source In […]

Dew Drop – March 4, 2015 (#1967)

Top Links Aurelia – Status – March 2015 (Rob Eisenberg) How to run ASP.NET 5 Beta 3 or GoLang on a Raspberry Pi 2 (Scott Hanselman) ?. in C#: When properties might be null (Bill Wagner) Make Debugging Faster with Visual Studio (Andrew B. Hall)   Web Development ASP.NET Web Forms Extensibility: Control Builders (Ricardo […]

Dew Drop – January 13, 2015 (#1932)

Top Links Xamarin.iOS Unified API with 64-bit Support (Miguel de Icaza) Microsoft & GitHub: Free tools for student developers (Steve Guggenheimer) C# 7 feature request #1… extension attributes (Jon Skeet) Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova and the remote mac agent (Alex Moskwa)   Web Development jQuery Lighter : jQuery plugin for Zoomable Images (jQuery […]