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Dew Drop – October 7, 2016 (#2340)

Top Links Docker Cheat Sheet (Bill Wagner) What’s new in Visual Studio “15” Preview 5 for Universal Windows Developers (Karan Nandwani) 113 AiA Angular 2 in a .NET World (John Papa) Hanselminutes – Cake Build – A C# Make cross platform build automation system with Patrik Svensson (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development How To Improve […]

Dew Drop – September 8, 2016 (#2324)

Top Links The Xamarin Show 1: Sharing Code Across iOS, Android, and Windows | The Xamarin Show (James Montemagno) Using ASP.NET Core against .NET 4.6 (Jon Hilton) Building a Windows 10 IOT App | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green & Daniel Jacobson) Are you new around here? Introducing an on-demand course in GitHub basics (Cynthia […]

Dew Drop – June 14, 2016 (#2271)

Top Links Reviewing Microsoft’s Automatic Insertion of Telemetry into C++ Binaries (Jeff Martin) Apple launches Swift Playgrounds for iPad to teach kids to code (Frederic Lardinois) I Am an OzCode Magician and I Have a New LINQ Trick (Jeff Yates) The Next Generation of Scratch (My Nguyen) Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn (Jennifer Chen)   Web […]