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Dew Drop – October 26, 2015 (#2119)

Top Links Choosing a Front-End Framework: Angular vs. Ember vs. React (Zach Kuhn) Learn Roslyn Now: Part 15 The SymbolVisitor (Josh Varty) An open letter about the terms “F#” and “Visual F#” (Don Syme) How to Use Modernizr Responsibly (Jérémy Heleine)   Web Development ASP.NET MVC 6 View Injection using Inject and ASP.NET 5 Middleware […]

Dew Drop – September 2, 2015 (#2082)

Top Links Evolving the Google Identity (Alex Cook, Jonathan Jarvis & Jonathan Lee) Getting Your Build Server Ready for VS 2015 (James Chambers) Angular v. React v. Aurelia v. et al. (Shawn Wildermuth) Meet the newly announced Jade Primo, Acer’s first PC smartphone with Continuum (Rich Edmonds)   Web Development Handling Plupload’s Uploader Init Race […]

Dew Drop – August 26, 2015 (#2077)

Top Links An open-source full-fidelity XML parser (Kirill Osenkov) If Unit Tests Were Seinfeld Characters (Eric Potter) Rocking Your Mocks (Jason Bock) On Disconnecting (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development TypeScript and JavaScript in ReSharper 9.2 (Anton Lobov) The Rise of JavaScript Frameworks – Part 2: Tomorrow (Rick Strahl) setState() State Mutation Operation May Be Synchronous […]