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Dew Drop – April 11, 2013 (#1,525)

Top Links Creating connected Windows Store apps (Suhail Khalid, Steven Baker & Peter Smith) Getting Started using NucliOS with Xamarin.iOS Part 2: IGGridView (Brent Schooley) Webinar Recording: Jon Skeet Inspects ReSharper (Robert Demmer) Judged by its Cover (Mark Nijhof)   Web Development Using Node.js with Jekyll to Optimize Static Content (Nathan Totten) Two Tools to […]

Dew Drop – January 18, 2013 (#1,482)

Top Links Windows Store App with Caliburn.Micro – Basic Databinding (Phillip Haydon) Nullable micro-optimizations, part seven (Eric Lippert) Using Json.Net JObject with WebApi GET Requests (Kevin) Fiddler ImageView Enhancements and Fiddler ImageView GeoLocation (Eric Lawrence)   Web Development CSS3 The Missing Manual Third Edition Book Review (David Hayden) How to Make a Vertical Menu Using […]

Dew Drop – November 26, 2012 (#1,449)

Top Links APress Cyber Monday update – $15 / Ebook (Tatworth) 31 Days of Windows 8 | Day #24: Light Sensor and 31 Days of Windows 8 | Day #25: Accelerometer and 31 Days of Windows 8 | Day #26: Gyrometer (Jeff Blankenburg) ReSharper 7.1 Plugins (Matt Ellis) Developing a Windows 8 Application prototype (Lee […]