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Dew Drop – October 26, 2012 (#1,430)

Top Links .NET 4.5 now supported with Windows Azure Web Sites (Scott Guthrie) It’s Here…Windows 8! (Jeffrey Meisner) Windows.com updated, including Windows, Windows Live blogs, free Media Center upgrade (Kip Kniskern) Validating Architecture through LINQ Query (Patrick Smacchia)   Web Development Stop Using jQuery All the Time! (Raymond Camden) Using Trace in Windows Azure Cloud […]

Dew Drop – October 15, 2012 (#1,422)

Top Links Greenfield Development with ASP.NET MVC & S#arp Lite – Day 2 (Billy McCafferty) Using The Windows 7/8 Taskbar Progress Indicator Outside The WPF Stack (Dennis Delimarsky) The Why is More Important Than the What (John Sonmez) Understanding the MVC Project Folder Structure (ASP.NET MVC Foundations Series) (Michael Kennedy)   Web Development Programming ASP.NET […]

Dew Drop – October 12, 2012 (#1,421)

Top Links Microsoft: New Office has RTM’d (Mary Jo Foley) Anders Hejlsberg and Lars Bak: TypeScript, JavaScript, and Dart | Going Deep (Charles Torre) How to call WinRT APIs in Windows 8 from C# Desktop Applications – WinRT Diagram (Scott Hanselman) Web Essentials 1.4 released (Mads Kristensen) The Nerdist Podcast – Lauren Cohan (Chris Hardwick) […]