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Dew Drop – February 15, 2013 (#1,499)

Top Links MVVM Light V4.1.27.0 in Nuget (Laurent Bugnion) Fun with Object and Collection Initializers (Jon Skeet) Introducing Semantic Logging (Grigori Melnik) Static constructors, part three (Eric Lippert) Understanding the Request Line (Eric Lawrence) Opera and WebKit: a personal perspective (Bruce Lawson)   Web Development Backbone.js Tutorial: Testing with Mocks (Alex Young) PeerJS: A Peer […]

Dew Drop – January 9, 2013 (#1,477)

Top Links Nullable micro-optimization, part four (Eric Lippert) Introducing Kona Guidance for Windows 8 Application Development (Think of it as Prism for Windows 8, but not really) (Brian Lagunas) Different Deployment Options in Windows 8 (Peter Ritchie) Capturing Traffic from .NET Services with Fiddler (Eric Lawrence)   Web Development Tales from the trenches: resizing a […]

Dew Drop – June 24, 2009

  .NET / Visual Studio Need a visualization of "M" in your programs? (Chris Sells) First run on Visual Studio 2010! (cisterni) LINQ : 2 nice things I just found (Sacha Barber) Storyboard: Architectural Inspections – VSTA2010 – AppArchGuid (Clemens Reijnen) If At First You Don’t Succeed – Retrying Mail Operations in .NET (Lee Dumond) […]