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Dew Drop – July 28, 2016 (#2297)

Top Links Free Windows 10 upgrades end tomorrow (Tom Warren) Aurelia 1.0 is Here!!! (Rob Eisenberg) Bringing ChakraCore to Linux and OS X (Limin Zhu & Arunesh Chandra) TypeScript: Safety in the Absence of Types (Victor Savkin)   Web Development 4 Reasons To Drop MVVM (Dave M. Bush) Using Logentries With Angular 1.5 (David Posin) […]

Dew Drop – May 7, 2015 (#2009)

Top Links A break from the past, part 2: Saying goodbye to ActiveX, VBScript, attachEvent… (Charles Morris & Jacob Rossi) BUILD 2015 ASP.NET 5 Training Videos – Introduction and Deep Dive (Scott Hanselman) Getting Started with Aurelia and TypeScript (Mike Graham) Using Fiddler to monitor network traffic from the VS Emulator for Android (John Kemnetz) […]

Dew Drop – February 27, 2014 (#1732)

Top Links Biggy Basics, Part 1: Documents (Rob Conery) Enabling NuGet Support in Xamarin Studio (Dan Rigby) Looking at ASP.NET MVC 5.1 and Web API 2.1 – Part 4 – Web API Help Pages, BSON, and Global Error Handling (Jon Galloway) ATBG: How do exceptions interact with the “using” statement? (Eric Lippert)   Web Development […]