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Dew Drop – March 1, 2019 (#2910)

Top Links Fixing Random, part 9 (Eric Lippert) TypeScript and React, BFFs (Leigh Halliday) .NET Core for the Desktop (Mike E. Yeager) Modernizing Desktop Apps Part 1 | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green) Web & Cloud Development Creating Custom Azure Functions Bindings (Jason Roberts) Debugging ASP.NET Core Applications within IIS (Chris A. Johnson) Introducing Microsoft […]

Dew Drop – December 18, 2018 (#2862)

Top Links A New Year Ahead – the HockeyApp Cutover Experience (Amanda Chew) 5 Tips to improve User Experience of your Angular app with NgRx (Alex Okrushko) Technology & Friends – Jim Wooley on Static Analyzers and Roslyn (David Giard) Content Projection in Angular Element with Slot in Angular 7.0 (Dhananjay Kumar) Web & Cloud […]

Dew Drop – October 24, 2018 (#2830)

Top Links .NET application architecture guides (.NET Team) Developing for Multiple Screen Sizes and Orientations in Flutter (Fragments in Flutter) (Deven Joshi) Designing Distributed Systems – Rapidly develop reliable, distributed systems with the patterns and paradigms in this free e-book (Azure Team) Xamarin.Forms and Zeplin: Speed Up Your Design to Development Process (Arnstein Johansen) Web […]