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Dew Drop – November 13, 2017 (#2602)

Top Links .NET Standard Comes to the Xamarin.Forms Project Templates! (Pierce Boggan) Prism Template Pack 2.0 (Brian Lagunas) Azure Tips and Tricks Part 49 – Add Azure Cloud Shell to Visual Studio Code (Michael Crump) WebAssembly explodes client-side programming (Chris Sells) Web & Cloud Development Continous Deployment with Azure App Service (Clinton Barr) Currying is […]

Dew Drop – September 19, 2017 (#2564)

Top Links 7 More Lesser-known Debugging Tactics for Visual Studio (Kaycee Anderson) Introducing Twilio Studio, the Fastest Way to Build With Twilio (Benjamin Stein) CCleanup: A Vast Number of Machines at Risk (Edmund Brumaghin) .NET Rocks! – Migrating to .NET Core 2 with Jeremy Likness (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Web & Cloud Development Creating […]

Dew Drop – July 27, 2017 (#2529)

Top Links The new .NET Application Architecture Guidance (Cesar de la Torre) dotnet sdk list and dotnet sdk latest (Scott Hanselman) Bot Framework – Saving State data in SQL with .NET (Eric Dahlvang & Matthew Shim) Fast and Easy Containers: Azure Container Instances (Corey Sanders) Web & Cloud Development Getting Started With Matter.js: The Body […]