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Dew Drop – February 18, 2014 (#1725)

Top Links Introducing Bing Code Search for C# (Ala Shiban) Windows 9 – replacing it with a triumvirate of products (Scott Barnes) Technical Debt of Using Code Behind (Deborah Kurata) A Minimalist WebAPI 2 Visual Studio Project (Peter Kellner)   Web Development The Lo-Dash on Underscore.js and Strings (Basem Emara) Running JavaScript at Specified Times: […]

Dew Drop – April 17, 2013 (#1,529)

Top Links Microsoft’s Windows 8 Plan B(lue): Bring back the Start button, boot to desktop and Xamarin opens its Test Cloud beta; buys Calabash framework maker (Mary Jo Foley) The beginners guide to breaking website security with nothing more than a Pineapple (Troy Hunt) Glimpse 1.3 released with a new glimpse.axd page & N+1 detection […]