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Dew Drop – April 2, 2014 (#1756)

Top Links Code Metrics PowerTool for Visual Studio 2013 Available on Microsoft Download Center (Charles Willis) Happy 10th Channel 9 and Happy Anniversary Channel 9, From Satya (Larry Larsen) .NET Rocks! – Future Javascript with Scott Allen (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Getting Started with Project Spark on Xbox One (Michael Cummings)   Web Development […]

Dew Drop – January 9, 2014 (#1698)

Top Links Two great Kickstarter projects ending soon: Durandal JavaScript framework and bitCommander File Manager (Jon Galloway) Creating an instance of an open generic type without specifying a type argument (Kirill Osenkov) XAML Improvements in ReSharper 8.1 (controlflow) Author news: What would YOU like to see presented at //build this year? (Devon Musgrave)   Web […]

Dew Drop – December 11, 2013 (#1681)

Top Links Microsoft Press @ 30: Jeffrey Richter on becoming an author (Carol Vu) Microsoft CEO Ballmer: Separating the man from myth (Mary Jo Foley) TypedMVVM Uses TypeScript to Build Windows Store Apps with WinJS (Anand Narayanaswamy) Building an Appointment Tracking App by using Telerik’s WP Cloud Components – Part 2 (Michael Crump)   Web […]

Dew Drop – November 5, 2013 (#1,660)

Top Links Windows Azure: Import/Export Hard Drives, VM ACLs, Web Sockets, Remote Debugging, Continuous Delivery, New Relic, Billing Alerts and More (Scott Guthrie) Math from scratch, part twelve: Euclid and Bézout (Eric Lippert) How To Make A Game Part 1:Picking a Framework (Jesse Freeman) EF Tools Open Source (Rowan Miller)   Web Development Catch Errors […]