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Dew Drop – October 14, 2013 (#1,644)

Top Links Introducing Windows Phone Preview for Developers (Cliff Simpkins) Announcing our third Windows Phone 8 update—plus a new developer preview program (Darren Laybourn) TWC9: Visual Studio 2012 5.5 million downloads, VS2013 Virtual Launch, ScriptCS and more… | This Week On Channel 9 (Dan Fernandez, Greg Duncan & Larry Larsen) Steve Ballmer is right, and […]

Dew Drop – September 4, 2013 (#1,617)

Top Links Expanding Windows Azure MSDN Benefit (Brian Harry) Windows Azure: New Distributed, Dedicated, High Performance Cache Service + More Cool Improvements (Scott Guthrie) Leveraging your XAML MVVM Skills in HTML – Working with Observable Arrays (Derik Whittaker) What’s new for HTML Developers in Blend for Visual Studio 2013 (Ryan J. Salva)   Web Development […]

Dew Drop – July 11, 2013 (#1,583)

Top Links Petition seeks to bring back Xbox One policies (Michelle Starr) InRelease for Visual Studio 2013 Preview Now Available (S.Somasegar) New hints on what’s coming next for Microsoft Surface, Skype, Windows Phone and Microsoft to add VPN support to Windows Phone 8 in 2014 (Mary Jo Foley) Building Spotify remote control service with ASP.NET […]

Dew Drop – April 26, 2013 (#1,535)

Top Links Enterprise Library 6.0 (S.Somasegar) Just released – Microsoft Enterprise Library 6 (Grigori Melnik) #XboxReveal (Larry Hryb) Project-less scripted C# with ScriptCS and Roslyn (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development Building Single Page Applications with Backbone.js and Express.js (Alexander Beletsky) Adding a Signature Control to the LightSwitch HTML Client (Beth Massi) How to Create a […]