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Dew Drop – March 11, 2016 (#2206)

Top Links Is Agile still applicable? (David Starr) Mixing and Matching UIKit with XAML and the Windows Bridge for iOS (Windows Apps Team) UWP porting guidance for Android and iOS developers (Windows Apps Team) Hanselminutes – March Is For Makers: Arduinos and Useless Robots with Simone Giertz (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development Experimenting With The […]

Dew Drop – March 2, 2016 (#2200)

Top Links Cross-Platform Dev Approach That Isn’t Xamarin (Michael Domingo) The Importance of the LED Moment – I DID THAT (Scott Hanselman) World’s Largest Arduino Maker Challenge (Steve Guggenheimer) .NET Rocks! – Virtual Realty, XAML and More with Laurent Bugnion (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell)   Web Development EventEmitter Is An RxJS Observable Stream In […]

Dew Drop – February 29, 2016 (#2198)

Top Links Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming with RxJS (Florian Rappl) Google reCAPTCHA with Aurelia (Jeremy Danyow) Making Your Code More Loosely Coupled (Peter Vogel) Raspberry Pi 3 offers a 64-bit CPU, built-in Wi-Fi for just $35 (Harish Jonnalagadda)   Web Development Providing Custom View Templates For Components In Angular 2 Beta 6 and HTTP […]

Dew Drop – February 19, 2016 (#2192)

Top Links Using C# to Create PowerShell Cmdlets: The Basics (Michael Sorens) Developer on Fire Episode 100 | Dave Rael – Podcast Host On Fire (Dave Rael) Avoiding the Service Locator Pattern in ASP.NET Core (K. Scott Allen) Open Live Writer Updated (Open Live Writer Contributors)   Web Development Exploring Dependency-Injection Tokens Using Pictures In […]