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Dew Drop – April 29, 2014 (#1765)

Top Links Introducing the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool (The .NET Fundamentals Team) Roslyn Update (Miguel de Icaza) New TDN Article Published on 5 Ways to Build Mobile Apps with Visual Studio (Michael Crump) Lowering in language design, part one (Eric Lippert) Here’s how NPR introduced the Internet 20 years ago (Amanda Kooser)   Web […]

Dew Drop – March 17, 2014 (#1744)

Top Links Update on Julie Horvath’s Departure (Chris Wanstrath) Exploring FAKE, an F# Build System for all of .NET (Scott Hanselman) It’s Official: OneNote is Now Free for Everyone (Paul Thurrott) Immerse Yourself in Angular, MEAN, ASP.NET, and Gulp (John Papa)   Web Development The Truth About False in JavaScript (Basem Emara) ASP.NET MVC Extensibility […]

Dew Drop – October 25, 2013 (#1,653)

Top Links Family vNext (David Starr) Moving WPF Applications From Visual Studio 2010 to 2013 – Some Gotchas and Solutions (Karl Shifflett) WinRT : StyleMVVM Best Of Breed MVVM Framework (IMHO) (Sacha Barber) Five Levels of Code Generation (Kathleen Dollard)   Web Development jQuery Mobile 1.4.0 RC1 released (Jasper de Groot) PhpStorm 7 Web Toolkit […]

Dew Drop – October 14, 2013 (#1,644)

Top Links Introducing Windows Phone Preview for Developers (Cliff Simpkins) Announcing our third Windows Phone 8 update—plus a new developer preview program (Darren Laybourn) TWC9: Visual Studio 2012 5.5 million downloads, VS2013 Virtual Launch, ScriptCS and more… | This Week On Channel 9 (Dan Fernandez, Greg Duncan & Larry Larsen) Steve Ballmer is right, and […]