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Dew Drop – July 25, 2014 (#1822)

Top Links fsharp-cheatsheet (Anh-Dung Phan) Hanselminutes – Designing for Performance with Lara Swanson (Scott Hanselman) Unusual Ways of Boosting Up App Performance. Lambdas and LINQs (Alexey Totin)   Web Development Cloning RegExp (Regular Expression) Objects In JavaScript (Ben Nadel) Dealing with Node.js and Microsoft SQL Server: Part-2 (Mihail Mateev) More Tips for Best Practices in […]

Dew Drop – July 21, 2014 (#1818)

Top Links Windows Runtime via C# Book and Windows Phone 8.1 (Jeffrey Richter) Building assert() in Swift, Part 1: Lazy Evaluation (Swift Team) Parenting Tip: Star Wars Audiobooks, Family, and narrator Marc Thompson (Scott Hanselman) Getting Started with xUnit for Xamarin (Oren Novotny)   Web Development JavaScript Date Tips (Steve Smith) Dealing with Node.js and […]

Dew Drop – July 14, 2014 (#1813)

Top Links Rolling out the Windows Developer Program for IoT (Steve Teixeira) A JavaScript survival guide (Axel Rauschmayer) Should you write unit tests or integration tests? (Roy Osherove) Compatibility (Swift Team)   Web Development Migrating From ui-if To ng-if In AngularJS (Ben Nadel) Writing Unit Tests for Existing JavaScript (Rebecca Murphey) Learn AngularJS : Hour […]

Dew Drop – July 11, 2014 (#1812)

Top Links Release Candidate for Katana 3 and the ASP.NET Security Components (Vittorio Bertocci) Xamarin Forms: Web Viewer (Jesse Liberty) Updates to RoslynDom 1.0.9 Alpha (Kathleen Dollard) StarTalk Radio – Talking Science Ficton with Stewie (Seth Macfarlane) (Neil deGrasse Tyson)   Web Development Building a strongly typed route provider for ASP.NET Web API (Filip W) […]