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Dew Drop – May 29, 2019 (#2968)

Top Links Version 8 of Angular — Smaller bundles, CLI APIs, and alignment with the ecosystem (Stephen Fluin) Xamarin.Forms 4.0: Getting Started with Shell (David Ortinau) Awesome Plugins for Rider: Language Support (Matthias Koch) Pretty XAML With XAML Styler | The Xamarin Show (James Montemagno) Porting desktop apps to .NET Core (Olia Gavrysh) Web & Cloud Development […]

Dew Drop – May 28, 2019 (#2967)

Top Links Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 18898 available now! (Kevin Larkin) Analyzing the Large Object Heap in JetBrains dotMemory (Steve Gordon) Lying to the compiler (Jon Skeet) 8 Techniques to Avoid GC Pressure and Improve Performance in C# .NET (Michael Shpilt) Web & Cloud Development React Data Layer – Part 6: Offline Reads and […]

Dew Drop – May 21, 2019 (#2963)

Top Links Desktop to Web: Transforming Data with Angular Pipes (Brian Lagunas) Gaming Must Promote and Protect the Safety of All (Phil Spencer) Code Reviews Using the Visual Studio Pull Requests Extension (Taysser Gherfal) Windows Terminal Build 2019 FAQ (Kayla Cinnamon) Introducing the first Microsoft Edge preview builds for macOS (Microsoft Edge Team) Web & […]