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Dew Drop – February 22, 2017 (#2427)

Top Links Azure App Service Secrets and Web Site Hidden Gems (Scott Hanselman) Release: scriptcs v0.17.1 (Glenn Block) Day 8 – Using Visual Studio Code with a .NET Core Console Application (Michael Crump) Debug like a Magician – OzCode (Łukasz Kurzyniec)   Web Development Vue 3D Carousel for Vue.js (jQuery Rain) JavaScript Fatigue Makes Me […]

Dew Drop – May 26, 2016 (#2260)

Top Links Protected: Announcing WCF Connected Service for .NET Core RC2 and ASP.NET Core RC2 (Miguell) FakeItEasy 2.0.0 released. This major release of FakeItEasy comes jam packed with new features, improvements and bug fixes. (Blair Conrad) Custom ETW Heap Events in Visual Studio 15 Preview 2 (Adam Welch) Open sourcing ReSharper’s external annotations (Matt Ellis) […]

Dew Drop – October 16, 2015 (#2113)

Top Links Announcing Availability of ASP.NET 5 Beta8 (Daniel Roth) Introducing ReSharper Build (Matt Ellis) Learn Roslyn Now: Part 14 Intro to the Scripting API (Josh Varty) Free eBook – FakeItEasy Succinctly (Michael McCarthy)   Web Development Setting the thread culture in ASP.NET 5 (Jerrie Pelser) React+Flux can do in just 137 lines what jQuery […]