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Dew Drop – July 10, 2013 (#1,582)

Top Links Cross-Platform Portable Class Libraries with .NET are Happening (Scott Hanselman) Benchmarking mistakes, part three (Eric Lippert) Required JavaScript Reading (Rey Bango) Nokia Lumia 1020 grip case photographed from all sides, comes with a tripod mount (Phone Arena Team)   Web Development What if 20,000 Windows Azure Storage Transactions Per Second Isn’t Enough? (Alexandre […]

Dew Drop – July 27, 2011

Top Links Microsoft® Visual Studio® LightSwitch™ 2011 is Available Today (Jason Zander) ScriptTD: Tower Defense Made Easy (Clint Rutkas) WP7: Developers to get Mango RTM before release [Update: Its true!] (Owen Williams) Nobody’s Going to Help You, and That’s Awesome (Jeff Atwood)   .NET / Visual Studio This is my Favorite… VS 2010 Favorites Menu […]

Dew Drop – April 6, 2011

Top Links My Focus-themed Windows Phone emulator theme (Jeff Wilcox) Of memory and strings (Jon Skeet) Silverlight coming to Xbox, bringing WP7 games along with it? (Tim Stevens) Standards-based web, plug-ins, and Silverlight (Walid Abu-Hadba, Scott Guthrie & S. Somasegar)   .NET / Visual Studio Getting the CLR Version (Richard Carr) How to use a […]

Dew Drop – April 4-5, 2011

Top Links So many interfaces! (Eric Lippert) How Can You Load Test WCF Services? (Chris Love) Extending Mole 2010’s Reach – Mole Type Loader (Karl Shifflett) F# Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4.1 (Visual Studio Blog)   .NET / Visual Studio Internals of LINQ (Abhishek Sur) Debugging Series: Symbol Server (Cameron Skinner) Dynamic query with […]