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Dew Drop – June 10, 2013 (#1,564)

Top Links WintellectNOW FTW – Wintellect now providing on-demand learning for everyone (and there’s even a few free sessions too) (Greg Duncan) Portable Compression and HttpClient Working Together (Immo Landwerth) Use PowerShell for Visual Studio Build Events (Damon Payne) C# Language Specification 5.0 and Visual Basic Language Specification 11.0 (MS Downloads)   Web Development JavaScript […]

Dew Drop – April 11, 2013 (#1,525)

Top Links Creating connected Windows Store apps (Suhail Khalid, Steven Baker & Peter Smith) Getting Started using NucliOS with Xamarin.iOS Part 2: IGGridView (Brent Schooley) Webinar Recording: Jon Skeet Inspects ReSharper (Robert Demmer) Judged by its Cover (Mark Nijhof)   Web Development Using Node.js with Jekyll to Optimize Static Content (Nathan Totten) Two Tools to […]

Dew Drop – July 20, 2012 (#1,368)

Top Links Entity Framework and Open Source (Scott Guthrie) Entity Framework Magic Unicorn (and much more!) is now open source with take backs (Scott Hanselman) 24 Weeks of Windows Phone Metro Design – #9 Layout & Composition in Windows Phone – Part II (Arturo Toledo) CQRS Journey V3 Final Release (MS patterns & practices) Want […]

Dew Drop – June 27, 2012 (#1,352)

Top Links LightSwitch HTML Client Preview Available! (Beth Massi) NuGet 2.0 (.NET Package Manager) released – GO UPGRADE NOW and here’s why (Scott Hanselman) Introducing the Photos app for Windows 8 (Steven Sinofsky) node v0.8 is out and it’s HOT! (Glenn Block) Team Foundation Services Updates 6/26 (Brian Harry)   .NET / Visual Studio Identifying […]