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Dew Drop – March 6, 2014 (#1737)

Top Links Shrink my Program Database (PDB) file (Ankit Asthana) How to debug small programs (Eric Lippert) Browse the .NET Reference Source | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green) Incrementally shrinking a large SQL Server data file using PowerShell (Richard Vantrease)   Web Development Automatically removing unused CSS using Grunt (Dean Hume) Underscore: LINQ (almost) for […]

Dew Drop – October 16, 2013 (1,646)

Top Links 40 inappropriate actions to take against an unlocked PC (Troy Hunt) The somewhat super secret MSDN docs on EF6 (Julie Lerman) Being an Agile Coach – Making Effective Decisions (Peter Saddington) Halo 3 currently free to download for Xbox Live Gold members (John Callaham)   Web Development How to migrate ASP.NET MVC 3 […]

Dew Drop – September 9, 2013 (#1,620)

Top Links A month with an Intel Haswell prototype (Scott Hanselman) Upgrading to Durandal 2.0 (John Papa) The Tablet Show – Big Changes in the Tablet and Mobile Space with Mary Jo Foley (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) TWC9: Nokia, XBox One, More MSDN Azure, Designing Hub Experience and more | This Week On Channel […]