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Dew Drop – May 16, 2014 (#1778)

Top Links The Halo Journey (Bonnie Ross) – Halo 5 coming in the fall of 2015. Migrating from the Windows Phone Toolkit to the new XAML controls and Migrating from the Windows Phone Toolkit ToggleSwitch to the new XAML ToggleSwitch and Migrating from the Windows Phone Toolkit DatePicker to the new XAML DatePicker (Shawn Kendrot) […]

Dew Drop – February 7, 2014 (#1718)

Top Links JSON Debugger Visualizer in Visual Studio 2013 (Avneep Dhanju) Application Insights Visual Studio Add-in preview (Brian Harry) Recruiting: There is no such thing as a developer shortage (Sara Chipps) Some ETW Basics (Kathleen Dollard)   Web Development The Power Of Kendo UI And Straight Up HTML (Burke Holland) ASP.NET Forms Authentication in 4 […]

Dew Drop – September 9, 2013 (#1,620)

Top Links A month with an Intel Haswell prototype (Scott Hanselman) Upgrading to Durandal 2.0 (John Papa) The Tablet Show – Big Changes in the Tablet and Mobile Space with Mary Jo Foley (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) TWC9: Nokia, XBox One, More MSDN Azure, Designing Hub Experience and more | This Week On Channel […]