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Dew Drop – March 25, 2014 (#1750)

Top Links Project Siena Beta 2: Enabling business users to create apps connected to enterprise services, web and social (S.Somasegar) New Breeze Angular Service (John Papa) NuGet Package of the Week: Canopy Web Testing Framework with F# (Scott Hanselman) sn.exe cheat sheet (Kirill Osenkov)   Web Development Surprise! JavaScript Guard Clauses (Howard Dierking) Add Stunning […]

Dew Drop – March 5, 2014 (#1736)

Top Links Upcoming .NET NuGet Releases (Richard Lander) Knockout.js 3.1 Released (Ryan Niemeyer) Implementing CRUD Activities in a TypeScript ViewModel (Peter Vogel) Repositories On Top UnitOfWork Are Not a Good Idea (Rob Conery)   Web Development The JavaScript Alternatives (Andrew Binstock) ASP.NET MVC 5 Lifecycle Document Published (Cephas Lin) Add a touch gamepad to your […]

Dew Drop – December 26, 2013 (#1690)

Top Links Herding Code 182: Durandal Kickstarter with Rob Eisenberg (Jon Galloway, Scott Koon & Co.) .NET Rocks! – C# and Roslyn with Mads Torgersen (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Have you been pwned? Now you can be automatically told when you are! (Troy Hunt) Managing Client-Side Objects Using TypeScript: It’s a Breeze (Peter Vogel) […]