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Dew Drop – August 26, 2015 (#2077)

Top Links An open-source full-fidelity XML parser (Kirill Osenkov) If Unit Tests Were Seinfeld Characters (Eric Potter) Rocking Your Mocks (Jason Bock) On Disconnecting (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development TypeScript and JavaScript in ReSharper 9.2 (Anton Lobov) The Rise of JavaScript Frameworks – Part 2: Tomorrow (Rick Strahl) setState() State Mutation Operation May Be Synchronous […]

Dew Drop – August 20, 2013 (#1,607)

Top Links VS/TFS 2012.4 (Update 4) RC 2 is available (Brian Harry) An MVC4, iOS And Android App With ServiceStack, Xamarin and C# (John Sonmez) PostSharp Blog | Week of PostSharp, Day 1 – Models for Multi-Core Programming and Week of PostSharp, Day 2 – Aspect-Oriented Programming (Gael Fraiteur) Benchmarking mistakes, part four (Eric Lippert) […]

Dew Drop – September 30, 2011

Top Links Now Available: Windows Azure Platform Training Kit – September 2011 Update and New Training Kit Web Installer Preview (James Conard) First look at Windows Simulator (Navneet Gupta) New Debugging Book – Windows Debugging Notebook: Essential User Space WinDbg Commands (Roberto Alexis Farah) Developing Windows Phone 7 HTML5 apps with PhoneGap (Colin Eberhardt) #Ebook […]