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Dew Drop – October 8, 2020 (#3292)

Top Links Xamarin.Essentials 1.6 preview: macOS, media, and more! (James Montemagno) Introduction to WebAssembly for .NET Developers: Building with Uno Platform, XAML, and C# (Uno Platform Team) Giving material.angular.io a refresh (Annie Wang) .NET Internals: System.Threading.Channels – UnboundedChannel Part 2 (Steve Gordon) GitHub Docs are now open source (Janice Niemeir) Web & Cloud Development Writing […]

Dew Drop – April 22, 2015 (#1998)

Top Links Precedence: ordering or grouping? (Jon Skeet) Languages features in C# 6 and VB 14 (Mads Torgersen) 8 Resharper shortcuts everyone should know (Vladimir Khorikov) What’s new in Microsoft Design Language 2 for Windows 10 (Daniel Rubino) Join me at various Build events across America (Tim Heuer) – Look for me in New York […]