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Dew Drop – August 2, 2017 (#2533)

Top Links Facebook Messenger Bot: Step-by-Step Instructions for Building a Basic Facebook Messenger Chatbot (Mehfuz Hossain) How to format response data as XML or JSON, based on the request URL in ASP.NET Core (Andrew Lock) Configure your app to start at log-in (Andrew Whitechapel) Prism in Xamarin Forms Step by Step (Part. 3) (Charlin Agramonte) […]

Dew Drop – July 26, 2017 (#2528)

Top Links Flash & The Future of Interactive Content (Adobe Corporate Communications) Design Patterns: Observer and Publish-Subscribe | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green) Getting started with F# and .NET Core (Julien Blanchard) Visual Basic Language Specification (Microsoft Docs) Web & Cloud Development In-Memory ASP.NET Core Integration Tests with TestServer (Jason Roberts) 5 CSS Properties That […]

Dew Drop – December 2, 2015 (#2143)

Top Links Visual Studio Code Beta Update (v0.10.3) (Chris Dias) StructureMap 4.0 is Out! (Jeremy D. Miller) Build Apps Faster with Plugins for Xamarin 2.0! and Inspect, Visualize, and Debug Your App Live (James Montemagno) XAML Behaviors, Windows 10 UWP and Open-Source (Davide Zordan)   Web Development AngularJS: MVC implementation (Matt Milner) Converting a Controller […]