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Dew Drop – May 16, 2018 (#2726)

Top Links Announcing the Insider Dev Tour 2018! (Pete Brown & Dona Sarkar) Meet Surface Hub 2 (Panos Panay) Ivy engine in Angular: first in-depth look at compilation, runtime and change detection (Max NgWizard K) Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17666 now available! (Clint Rutkas) Web & Cloud Development How to Use the berforeinstallprompt Event […]

Dew Drop – January 24, 2018 (#2650)

Top Links Introducing the Windows Desktop Program for Desktop Application Analytics (Sonia P. Carlson) Shawn Wildermuth on “Hello World – The Film” and much more (Jesse Liberty) Interacting with Azure SQL Using All Command Line Tools (K. Scott Allen) Scalable and Performant ASP.NET Core Web APIs: Introduction (Carl Rippon) Web Development Azure Tips and Tricks […]

Dew Drop – December 10, 2015 (#2149)

Top Links Announcing Open Live Writer – An Open Source Fork of Windows Live Writer (Scott Hanselman) Support Ending for the .NET Framework 4, 4.5 and 4.5.1 (Stacey Haffner) NUnit 3 Brings Extensibility and Parallel Execution: Interview with Charlie Poole (Pierre-Luc Maheu) Cortana: Now available here and when you need her, no matter what smartphone […]