TechBash 2021 – Call for Speakers

Just a quick post about the upcoming, in-person, TechBash 2021. If you haven’t heard, the call for speakers is now open on Sessionize. Check it out here and submit your sessions and workshops before June 4th.

We hope you’ll tell your friends and join us at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Pocono Manor, PA this October 19-22. We’ll have a day of full-day workshops on Oct 19th, followed by three days of sessions and networking with your peers. Read more about the CfP on the TechBash blog and follow TechBash on Twitter for the latest news and updates.

If your company is interested in becoming a TechBash 2021 sponsor, our updated sponsor prospectus is now available too!

I hope to see some of you (at a safe distance) this fall in the Poconos!

Learn WinUI 3.0

Announcing Learn WinUI 3.0 from Packt Publishing and a Contest

I’m thrilled to announce that my new book from Packt Publishing, Learn WinUI 3.0, was published in late March. You can buy your eBook or print copy today from Amazon or Packt’s web site.

Windows UI (WinUI) 3 is Microsoft’s next generation library for creating Windows applications with Fluent Design. WinUI 3 was released in March with Project Reunion 0.5 and is fully supported for building Win32 applications. Learn more about WinUI and Project Reunion on Microsoft Docs here.

I would like to thank Nick Randolph, who was the technical reviewer for the book. His feedback on the book’s chapters and sample code were instrumental in delivering a great resource for Windows developers. I was lucky to have him involved in this project. If you aren’t already following Nick’s blog, go check it out now. He has been posting some great WinUI, Reunion, and Uno Platform content in recent weeks.

If you would like to win a print copy of Learn WinUI 3.0, read on. I am going to give away four copies of the book to readers of four of my blogs:

Leave a comment on this post on any of these blogs with the name of your favorite Windows or .NET development blogger. I will pick a random comment from each blog to select the four book winners. You can comment on each blog if you like, but please only comment once on each post. Comment moderation is enabled on all the blogs, so it could take a little time for your comment to appear. Make sure you sign up with a valid email address when leaving a comment. The contest closes at 11:59PM EDT on May 14th, 2021. I will ship books to winners worldwide. Please allow some time to receive the book if you are outside of the U.S.

Good luck and I hope you all enjoy my book! If you already have a copy, win one, or buy one, please leave honest ratings and reviews on Amazon. Thanks!

Free GrapeCity Whitepaper – Desktop to Web: WinForms to JavaScript Migration Guide

Is your team of Enterprise Windows developers considering a shift to web applications? Before you start, go check out this new, free whitepaper from GrapeCity: Desktop to Web: WinForms to JavaScript Migration Guide.

I wrote the whitepaper last fall and based it on my years of experience developing enterprise WinForm and WPF applications. I recent months, my team has been exploring our own options for a web migration. We have researched and prototyped solutions and prepared learning paths for our developers and testers. There are many technologies and other options to consider, and this paper can help guide you in making the right choices for your team(s) and your project(s).

Here is what is covered:

  • Understanding the Web Ecosystem
  • Data Access in Web Applications
  • Starting the Migration Process
  • The Angular/TypeScript Toolchain
  • Migrating the Data Layer, Controller (Business Logic), and UI Layer
  • Potential future outcomes for web development

This paper is intended for team leads, architects and technical managers who are planning to blaze a path from desktop apps to the web. I encourage you to download and read it today.