Daily Bits – January 20, 2008

Telecommuting Not So Great For Those Left Behind

The Five Minute Guide to Becoming a Freelance Software Developer (Rob Walling)

C# by Contract – Using Expression Trees

Constants on the Left Are Better, but This Is Often Trumped by a Preference for English Word Order (Jeff Moser)

HealthVault: Batching Up Queries to Speed Things Up (Eric Gunnerson)

8 New Video Tutorials on WindowsClient.NET

Windows Could Get Early Release for Good Behavior (Brad Linder)

Free Copy of Visual Studio 2008 (Jon von Gillern)

WCF Web Programming Model Documentation (Steve Maine)

How to Attain Serenity Before Giving a Speech (Tim Warner)

Best C# Web Sites (Timm Martin)

Agile Development – Outside In (Jeff Patton, via Clarke Ching)

Introducing the Smart Bag for ASP.NET MVC… and Soliciting Feedback (Jeffrey Palermo)

PowerShell: Block Comments (PowerShell Team)

.NET Framework Debugging 1, Reflector 0 (Russell Ball)

Avoid API Breaking Changes (Patrick Smacchia)

Using Reflector to Search Through Code and Resolve .NET Issues (Tess Fernandez)

TDD Anti-Patterns (James Carr)


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