Daily Bits – January 19, 2008 (Early Edition)

Book Review: Pro LINQ – Language Integrated Query in C# 2008 (Avi Wortzel)

Visual Studio 2008 Slow in Design Mode (Mehul Harry)

Smarter Logging with MSBuild (John Robbins)

Reopen Closed Tabs in Firefox with Your Keyboard (Danny Mendez)

The Caffeinated Coder Has Moved (Max Pool)

Top 10 Estimation Best Practices (Mike Griffiths)

Try-Catch in SQL Server 2005 Is Your Friend (Derik Whittaker)

Clarification on VBA Support (Joseph Chirilov)

Tutorial on Writing Your Own Code Analysis Rule (David M. Kean)

F# Compiler (zip) (MS Research Downloads)

Missing Gunderloy’s Daily Grind? How About an Alternative? (Jay Kimble) – <Shameless Plug>Of course, I recommend ‘Daily Bits’ as another alternative.</Shameless Plug>

Format-XML (Windows PowerShell Team)

CodeProject: WPF Amazon Explorer Using 3D (Sacha Barber)

Today’s Other Link Blogs

Links for 2008-01-18 (Sam Buchanan)

Link Listing – January 17, 2008 (Christopher Steen)

Friday (01-18-08) Edition of the d-bug Link Farm (Brian Reindel)

Interesting Finds: January 18, 2008 (Jason Haley)

1 Link Today (2008-01-18) (Matt Hinze)

The Morning Brew #13 (Chris Alcock)

LINKBLOG for January 18, 2008 (Arjan Zuidhof)

Book of the Day

Slack: Getting Past Burnout, Busywork, and the Myth of Total Efficiency: Books: Tom DeMarco


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