Philly Code Camp 2008.1 – Links and Info

Here’s a list of sessions I attended and some links and info on each of them.

  • Top Ten Tools Tips and Tricks (Travis LaBorde)
    • Link to tips
  • Designing for Extensibility: Patterns and Practices that Can Make Your Software More Flexible (Mitch Ruebush)

First IASA Philly Chapter Meeting will be at Microsoft Malvern in the first week in February.

  • Crash Course on LINQ and VS2008 Language Enhancements (Kevin Goff)
  • Advanced WCF: Asynchronous Messaging and Event Driven Architectures (Sam Gentile)
  • Spring.NET (Mark Pollack)
    • Spring.NET Home Page
  • Using Refactoring to Hunt Down Code Smells (Todd Snyder)
    • Todd’s Blog on

Next Philly Code Camp will be in May and will be back at DeVry University in Ft. Washington, PA. It was a really great event. Almost 400 people attended, and the guys did a very respectable job of putting this thing together. I didn’t hear any negative comments from other attendees around me. The only minor issue I saw was that too many people wanted to see Kevin Goff and Mitch Ruebush speak. It was standing room only in those talks. Thanks to Bill Wolff and everyone at Philly.NET!


Daily Bits – January 14, 2008

Trends in Programming Languages (via dzone)

52 Great Reasons to Fail at Software

Don’t Fear the LINQ Query… It’s Often a Variation of a foreach Loop

Microsoft Building New UI Framework (via WinBeta)

Managed Extensibility and Add-In Framework (via Matt Hinze)

Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview (Dec 2007) – ADO.NET Data Services Silverlight Add-On (MS Download)

Change the World or Go Home: Why I Love Working at Microsoft (via Jason Haley)

.NET Remoting Interview Questions (via Jason Haley)

Advanced WCF Code Camp Slides and Code (Philly Code Camp)

Whatever Happened to Code Reviews? (via Arjan’s World)

Slides From Philly .NET Code Camp (Windsor)

.NET Framework 3.5 Namespace Poster Updated

Happy Popfly Year!

Build Your Own CAB: Extensible Pub/Sub Event Aggregator with Generics

Immutable Types: Understand Their Benefits and Use Them

Facebook.NET Update


Book of the Day