Daily Bits – January 2, 2008

Happy New Year to all. I hope your 2008 is a great one!

MSBuildContrib Updates (via Christopher Steen)

Zotero – The Next-Generation Research Tool (Firefox plugin) (via Sam Buchanan)

303 Insanely Interesting Links From 2007 (via Trumpi)

Moving ASP.NET MVC Posts to ASP Alliance (via DotNetSlackers)

ADO.NET Data Services with ASP.NET AJAX Support (video)

Three Unexpected Weapons in the Battle Against “Blogger’s Block” (via Trumpi)

In C#, When to use String vs. string (via DotNetSlackers)

Using Managed Code to Determine What .NET Framework Versions and Service Packs Are Installed (via Mike Gunderloy’s final installment of The Daily Grind)

SQL Server – Remove Duplicate Characters from a String (via DotNetSlackers)

Software Development Predictions for 2008

Best of Codesqueeze 2007

Microsoft to Build an ‘Emacs.Net’ Text Editor (via WinBeta)

Spell Checker Update 2.1 – A Few Bug Fixes and a Couple of New Features

Questions Every .NET Developer Should Be Able to Answer

Tips for Conference Bloggers (via Cool Tools)

Apply the New Vista APIs to Sidebar Gadgets, Part 1

Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 6: Joins (via DotNetSlackers)

Some Free MSPress eBook Chapters (via DotNetKicks)

Ensure the Quality of the Code That Will Be Developed This Year

Just Added Mole to My .NET Toolbox


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