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Dew Drop – July 20, 2008

  Web Development Adding OpenID to Your Web Site in Conjunction with ASP.NET Membership (Dan Hounshell) Showing Some MVC Support (Jimmy Bogard) ASP.NET MVC Tip #21 – Fake the Data Context (Stephen Walther)   Silverlight Brad Abrams – Program Manager .NET Framework on Silverlight and .NET (Schalk Neethling) Bubbly Skin Updated for Beta 2 (Corrina […]

Dew Drop – July 9, 2008

  .NET / Visual Studio An Amazing Introduction to NDepend (Patrick Smacchia) VB.NET: The Ugly Duckling (Tony Davis) DimeCast #20 – Testing Abstract Classes with Rhino Mocks (Derik Whittaker) A Sneak Preview of Typemock Racer : Thread Deadlock Finder and Non Paged CLR Host (Roy Osherove) Mocking the LINQ to SQL Data Context (Andrew Tokeley) Code Generation […]