Daily Bits – January 9, 2008

Running a little late this morning. My Vista reboot following the installation of Windows Updates took over an hour. It just sat at the “Configuring Updates – 0%” screen with the hard drive cranking away. After all of that, the update for KB943302 failed for the third time.

Understanding the Common Type System in .NET (via DotNetSlackers)

Building Credibility: 11 Ways to Show You’re a Professional (via Jason Haley)

Windows Server 2008 is in Escrow! RTM Build Planned for January 16th.

100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes

Microsoft Has All the Right Lego Pieces, They’re Just not Assembled… Yet (via WinBeta)

Getting Started with ADO.NET Data Services

The Weekly Source Code 12 – Back in Black Edition (ScottHa)

WPF Book Easter Egg

ReadBurner – Meme Tracker Based on Google Reader Shared Items (via DownloadSquad)

New Video on Using Themes in WPF (via WindowsClient.NET)

A Book About D

Introducing ‘Caliburn’: An MVC/MVP WPF Framework (via DotNetKicks)

If You Aren’t Having Fun, Then Don’t Do It (via Arjan’s World)

LINQ Grouping Techniques (via Steve Pietrek)

Happy 2nd Birthday DotNetKicks

PowerShell Scripts for Testing (v0.4 Alpha Released) (CodePlex)

51 Core Abilities of Successful Software

McDonald’s Boss: Video Games to Blame for Childhood Obesity (via Maximum PC)


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