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Dew Drop – July 29, 2008

.NET / Visual Studio Some Finalizer Pitfalls and Not All Bytes Are Exactly 8 Bits (Oren Eini) Finalizer vs. Application: A Race Condition From Hell and Guaranteed, Finalization Order Is Not (Sasha Goldshtein) CBR/CBZ Comics in C# (thund3rstruck) ReSharper 4.0 Lambda Refactoring (David Starr) Countdown to F# CTP (Chris Smith) There’s Usually an Easier Way […]

Dew Drop – July 28, 2008

.NET / Visual Studio Data Structures and Algorithms Book (Granville Barnett) CSLA .NET 3.5.1 RC0 Available (Rocky Lhotka) Relational-Object-XML-Object with LINQ to SQL & LINQ to XML (Dinesh Kulkarni) Learning Ruby via IronRuby and C# Part 5 (Justin Etheredge) More Fun with ‘yield return’ (Mike Hadlow) Design / Methodology SCRUM — As Explained by Ken […]

Dew Drop – July 26, 2008

Silverlight / WPF SilverlightFlyoutPanel (Ola Karlsson) Improved XAML “Loading” Animation (Chris Cavanagh) Silverlight Games and Today and More on the Way (Adam Kinney) – I spent way too much time playing HexMinesweeper last night. Hanselminutes Podcast 122 – BabySmash! (Scott Hanselman) Tip of the Day #21 – How to Work with Shapes, Brushes and Gradients […]