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Dew Drop – September 18, 2013 (#1,626)

Top Links And now, for no particular reason, a collection of Jeff Sandquist videos (Duncan Mackenzie) Learn Enterprise Library 6 and Unity 3 with newly released hands-on labs (Grigori Melnik) How many tuple types are there in C#? (Tomas Petricek) Future Friendly – HTML5 Resource of the Day (Brent Schooley)   Web Development HTML5 Frameworks […]

Dew Drop – October 10, 2012 (#1,419)

  Top Links Try Try F# (Kenji Takeda) Simple TypeScript Example: Windows Store App using TypeScript with classes, inheritance and interfaces in 6 steps (Iris Classon) ReSharper on the Server: Detecting Code Issues in the build (Hadi Hariri) Windows Store apps and 3rd-party JavaScript Libraries (G. Andrew Duthie)   Web Development Orchard CMS and ASP.NET […]