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Dew Drop – August 18, 2015 (#2071)

Top Links Free Xamarin Subscriptions for Windows Phone Developers (Joseph Hill) Eve Version 0 (Chris Granger) Develop a sweet spot for Marshmallow: Official Android 6.0 SDK & Final M Preview (Jamal Eason) .NET Analyzer Package Round-up (Greg Duncan)   Web Development Creating AngularJS-Inspired “Directive” Components In ReactJS (Ben Nadel) CSS Selectors Inside Selectors: Discover :matches(), […]

Dew Drop – November 14, 2012 (#1,442)

Top Links ReSharper 7.1 is Available (Jura Gorohovsky) Improve perceived performance of ASP.NET MVC websites with asynchronous partial views (Michael Kennedy) Getting Started with the LightSwitch HTML Client Preview 2 (Beth Massi) Who is Julie Larson-Green? Meet the new head of Windows and Sinofsky’s departure from Microsoft: Politics or products to blame? (Mary Jo Foley) […]

Dew Drop – October 10, 2012 (#1,419)

  Top Links Try Try F# (Kenji Takeda) Simple TypeScript Example: Windows Store App using TypeScript with classes, inheritance and interfaces in 6 steps (Iris Classon) ReSharper on the Server: Detecting Code Issues in the build (Hadi Hariri) Windows Store apps and 3rd-party JavaScript Libraries (G. Andrew Duthie)   Web Development Orchard CMS and ASP.NET […]