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Dew Drop – February 17, 2016 (#2190)

Top Links Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 CTP (John Montgomery) Find Your Favorite Visual Studio Extension (Michael Dick) Performance profiling in Continuous Integration: an updated dotTrace plugin to TeamCity (Alexey Totin) The Joy of Live Coding – CodePen, REPLs, TOPLAP, Alive, and more (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development Creating Custom DOM And Host Event Bindings […]

Dew Drop – August 3, 2009

  Design / Methodology / Testing Your domain model isn’t in the Entity Relationship Diagram (Oren Eini) – Link of the Day Yo Dawg, I Heard Your Build Failed Because You Refactored Unit Tests… (Bobby Johnson) The Daily Scrum Exercise Program (Brett Schuchert) Discover dead code in your application using Code Analysis (Habib Heydarian) Fluent […]