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Dew Drop – December 17, 2018 (#2861)

Top Links Inside Microsoft Developer Tools: Reflections on Customer-Driven Engineering and Rethinking how we interview in Microsoft’s Developer Division (John Montgomery) ASP.NET Monsters #121: What’s up with Server Side Blazor? (Simon Timms, David Paquette & James Chambers) Creating First ASP.NET Core 3.0 App with Visual Studio 2019 Preview (Talking Dotnet) Prism for Xamarin.Forms – Create your […]

Dew Drop – March 21, 2016 (#2212)

Top Links Using MEF in .NET Core (Ricardo Peres) Angular 2 TypeScript and HTML Snippets for VS Code (Dan Wahlin) Netflix JavaScript Talks – React.js for TV UIs (Steve McGuire) How to create a multi architecture NuGet Package from a UWP class library (Marco Siccardi)   Web Development Injecting HTML With The BrowserDomAdapter In AngularJS […]

Dew Drop – February 17, 2016 (#2190)

Top Links Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 CTP (John Montgomery) Find Your Favorite Visual Studio Extension (Michael Dick) Performance profiling in Continuous Integration: an updated dotTrace plugin to TeamCity (Alexey Totin) The Joy of Live Coding – CodePen, REPLs, TOPLAP, Alive, and more (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development Creating Custom DOM And Host Event Bindings […]