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Dew Drop – January 4, 2016 (#2160)

Happy ‘Dew’ Year! Top Links New Year Updates to ASP.NET WebHooks Preview (Henrik F. Nielsen) Having a Look at dotnet CLI Tool and .NET Native Compilation in Linux (Tugberk Ugurlu) Exploiting Generics in TypeScript (Peter Vogel) What’s New in Fiddler 4.6.2 (Eric Lawrence)   Web Development Synchronizing Magnetic Poetry With Firebase And AngularJS (Without Redux) […]

Dew Drop–August 23, 2011

Top Links Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Release Candidate on Microsoft Downloads (Greg Duncan) Optimization and generics, part 1: the new() constraint and Optimization and generics, part 2: lambda expressions and reference types (Jon Skeet) Quick Update on Mango App Submissions (Todd Brix) Visual Studio Extensions worth checking out… (Jax)   .NET / Visual Studio Introduction […]

Dew Drop – October 5, 2009

  Jump to: .NET / Visual Studio | Web Development | Design / Methodology / Testing | Silverlight / WPF | Podcasts / Screencasts / Videos | Community / Events | Database | SharePoint | Miscellaneous | More Link Collections | Book of the Day   .NET / Visual Studio It’s time for you to […]