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Dew Drop – August 24, 2011

Top Links Morale has launched! (Jamie Wright) Bing™ Maps WPF Control available today! (Luis Cabrera) Azure Design Patterns (Buck Woody) Marketplace & Tools Open for Mango App Submission (Todd Brix) Fun With New Live Tile API (Shawn Wildermuth)   .NET / Visual Studio Using Mutex to avoid deadlocks (Abhijit Jana) Wcf, IXmlSerializable and The XmlReader […]

Dew Drop–August 23, 2011

Top Links Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Release Candidate on Microsoft Downloads (Greg Duncan) Optimization and generics, part 1: the new() constraint and Optimization and generics, part 2: lambda expressions and reference types (Jon Skeet) Quick Update on Mango App Submissions (Todd Brix) Visual Studio Extensions worth checking out… (Jax)   .NET / Visual Studio Introduction […]