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Dew Drop – October 28, 2013 (#1,654)

Top Links Two Dozen Insanely Essential Programmer Utilities* and Essential Development Tools–Part 2 (Jesse Liberty) Team Rooms in Visual Studio (Brian Harry) Code Outlining for Visual F# in VS2010, VS2012 and VS2013 (Don Syme) dotCover 2.6 Early Access Program Launched (Daria Dovzhikova)   Web Development Knockout.js 3.0 Highlights (Ryan Niemeyer) Html Element search in Firebug […]

Dew Drop – October 3, 2011

Top Links Visual Studio 11 Programming Language Advances (Somasegar) Analyzing SQL Server Compact queries using Visual Studio 2010 Premium/Ultimate (Erik EJ) Microsoft Windows Simulator Touch Emulation (Mynor Ivan Muralles) The Sweet Spot of Multiple Monitor Productivity: That Magical Third Monitor (Scott Hanselman)   .NET / Visual Studio C# Sizeof Keyword (Richard Carr) Visual Studio 11 […]

Dew Drop – September 2, 2011

Top Links Biggest DotNetBar Release In Last 5 Years (Denis Basaric) – With Metro UI controls. Silverlight 5 RC now Available (Pete Brown) Strongly Typed Data Controls (ASP.NET vNext Series) (Scott Guthrie) Reflecting on our first conversations (part 1) (Steven Sinofsky)   .NET / Visual Studio Synchronisation in Parallel Loops (Richard Carr) Using Lucene.NET search […]