Daily Bits – January 15, 2008

Halfway through the first month of the new year already. How’s everyone doing on their resolutions?

Why Not Remote Developers?

Philly.NET Code Camp 2008.1: What an Awesome Day!!! (via Jason Haley)

How to Writer a Killer “How To” Article in 7 Easy Steps (via Jason Haley)

Cross Browser Transparency with .PNG (via dzone)

Attach to ASP.NET Process with One Keyboard Shortcut (via DotNetKicks)

Free Professional Diff Tool from SourceGear (via DotNetKicks)

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Certification Exams

Windows Home Server Unsupported Feature – Backup Duplication

13 Comparisons Between Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services

SimCity Source Code Released to the Wild! Let the Ports Begin… (via GameDev.Net)

I’m Getting Errors in the Visual Studio Designer Using a Custom Attached Property, Help!

Ajax Data Controls 1.0 Released on CodePlex

Ajax Patterns, the C# 3.0 Way (via dzone)

The Monster List of Freelancing Job Sites (via dzone)

8 Things You Can Do to Get Work Through LinkedIn (via dzone)

Managing Client Expectations

The Oversimlified Specification Anti-Pattern

Top 10 MSDN & TechNet Blogs

ASP.NET Multiple File Uploader

Breakthrough Promises 40-Hour Laptop Batteries (via WinBeta)

Windows Home Server Will Not Be Made Available to MSDN Subscribers (via WinBeta)


Book of the Day – Prerelease Edition