Free GrapeCity Whitepaper – Desktop to Web: WinForms to JavaScript Migration Guide

Is your team of Enterprise Windows developers considering a shift to web applications? Before you start, go check out this new, free whitepaper from GrapeCity: Desktop to Web: WinForms to JavaScript Migration Guide.

I wrote the whitepaper last fall and based it on my years of experience developing enterprise WinForm and WPF applications. I recent months, my team has been exploring our own options for a web migration. We have researched and prototyped solutions and prepared learning paths for our developers and testers. There are many technologies and other options to consider, and this paper can help guide you in making the right choices for your team(s) and your project(s).

Here is what is covered:

  • Understanding the Web Ecosystem
  • Data Access in Web Applications
  • Starting the Migration Process
  • The Angular/TypeScript Toolchain
  • Migrating the Data Layer, Controller (Business Logic), and UI Layer
  • Potential future outcomes for web development

This paper is intended for team leads, architects and technical managers who are planning to blaze a path from desktop apps to the web. I encourage you to download and read it today.