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Dew Drop – September 24, 2014 (#1862)

Top Links iPhone 6 Project For App Prototyping in Microsoft SketchFlow (Sanjay Sharma) Unit testing AngularJS with Visual Studio, Resharper and TeamCity (Mike Larah) Be Sure With Azure .NET – Azure Table Storage (Part 1) (Max R. McCarty) Git Diff Margin v3.0 released (Laurent Kempé) Wanna be a cowboy? or maybe a Professional (Windows Platform) […]

Dew Drop – August 12, 2014 (#1834)

Top Links SlowCheetah is going into maintenance mode (Sayed I. Hashimi) Effects of GZipping vs. minifying HTML files (Mads Kristensen) How To Refactor For Dependency Injection, Part 4: Configuration Changes (Ondrej Balas) Appreciating Robin Williams: The Comedy Giant Who Made You Think (Chris Taylor)   Web Development Looking At Nested Event Timing And DOM Structure […]

Dew Drop – February 20, 2014 (#1727)

Top Links Hello Biggy (Rob Conery) “Everybody Lies” (Eric Lawrence) Blend for VS2013 Windows Phone SketchFlow Templates (Greg Duncan) Cross Platform Development With Xamarin | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green)   Web Development Ember.js – reduceComputed and Property Brace Expansion (Paul Cowan) Beginning LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2013 – Address Book HTML Sample (Beth Massi) […]