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Dew Drop – June 1, 2015 (#2025)

Top Links Windows 10 is launching July 29 (Harish Jonnalagadda) Clean C# eBook Published (Jason Roberts) Creating a Knockout-Style Variable in C# (Chris Eargle) Presentation: C# 6 – The Future Is (nearly) Here! (Jon Skeet)   Web Development The Past, Present & Future of Node.js and io.js (Andrew Connell) ASP.NET Formatted String Control (Ricardo Peres) […]

Dew Drop – May 8, 2015 (#2010)

Top Links Bringing Asm.js to Chakra and Microsoft Edge (Abhijith Chatra & Gaurav Seth) Real World Cross-Platform Development with Visual Studio 2015: Synergex (Eric Battalio) Writing and distributing Roslyn analyzers with MyGet (Maarten Balliauw) Wizards and warriors, part four (Eric Lippert)   Web Development Making Angular’s $http work with Request.IsAjaxRequest() (Dave Ward) ECMAScript 6 in […]

Dew Drop – February 4, 2015 (#1947)

Top Links CoreCLR is now Open Source (The .NET Team) Announcing the Xamarin.Forms Book Second Preview Edition! (Craig Dunn) Aurelia Q&A (Rob Eisenberg) The .NET CoreCLR is now open source, so I ran the GitHub repo through Azure Power BI (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development Exporting Data with Ease Using Kendo UI Grid (Lohith G […]