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Dew Drop – August 31, 2018 (#2794)

Top Links ReSharper Ultimate 2018.2.1 is released! and Rider 2018.2.1 is released! (Alexander Kurakin) Library Manager Release in 15.8 (Justin Clareburt) Improving your productivity in the Visual Studio Editor (Allison Buchholtz-Au) Pushing the right buttons : How Uno implements views — Under the hood (David Oliver) Web & Cloud Development How to Use Material Design […]

Dew Drop – January 27, 2017 (#2409)

Top Links Update to Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate (John Montgomery) Updates to Web Tools in Visual Studio 2017 RC (Andrew B. Hall) Developer on Fire Episode 203 | Sarah Dutkiewicz – Master And Apprentice (Dave Rael) ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3.2 (Svetlana Emelyanova)   Web Development Defining Function And Callback Interfaces In TypeScript (Ben Nadel) Dockerizing […]

Dew Drop – February 19, 2016 (#2192)

Top Links Using C# to Create PowerShell Cmdlets: The Basics (Michael Sorens) Developer on Fire Episode 100 | Dave Rael – Podcast Host On Fire (Dave Rael) Avoiding the Service Locator Pattern in ASP.NET Core (K. Scott Allen) Open Live Writer Updated (Open Live Writer Contributors)   Web Development Exploring Dependency-Injection Tokens Using Pictures In […]