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Dew Drop – March 24, 2017 (#2447)

We’re back to normal as NewsBlur has increased their sharing limit for premium users. Thanks to the team there for working with me and offering some alternatives to my current workflow. Top Links Project Rome for Android Update: Now with App Services Support (Carmen Forsmann) Visual Studio 2017 can automatically recommend NuGet packages for unknown […]

Dew Drop – July 7, 2016 (#2282)

Top Links Introducing unverified breaches to Have I been pwned (Troy Hunt) Diving into F#: Partial Application and Type Inference (Jeremy Clark) What’s New in Xamarin.Forms | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green) .NET Rocks! – Hololens Development with Rene Schulte (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Web Development JavaScript bind() for cleaner code (Dave M. Bush) […]

Dew Drop – January 7, 2014 (#1696)

Top Links New release – Tx (LINQ to Logs and Traces) (Ross Gardler) Check out and back Durandal (Nigel Sampson) .NET Rocks! – Applied ScriptCS with Block, Rusbatch and Ralph (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) New C# Yellow Book Available – and on Kindle (Rob Miles)   Web Development Keep Overflow Content Scrolling Unresponsive Until […]