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Review: MediaMonkey 3.0.2 – Part 1 – A Quick Overview

  Most, if not all, developers have a favorite media player. My tool of choice for audio files is MediaMonkey. I use it to listen to my MP3 music collection, Podcasts and Shoutcast streams. It is a powerful tool with advanced syncing, file organization and tagging functionality. The file formats supported out of the box […]

Dew Drop – May 7, 2008

  Silverlight/WPF/Popfly EntitySpaces and Silverlight Demo – Part 1: Propagating EntitySpaces Data (Jon Davis) Simplify Using 2D Graphics in WPF and Silverlight (Andrej Benedik) DrawingBrush and Deep Clone in Silverlight (Tamir Khason) Cracking Open Zip Files in Silverlight 2 Beta 1 (Josh Twist) Creating Music For Popfly Game Creator (Ben Anderson) AutoComplete for Silverlight TextBoxes […]